The Florida Guides Association thru direct talks with the Everglades National Park (ENP) has secured a meeting for Commercial Users of the ENP to discuss with park staff and leaders the impacts the proposed fee increases and collection of visitor passes will have on their small businesses. This is the ONLY meeting that has been established for this communication so its important to share this with any CUA holder who has an interest and set the time aside to attend. 

The meeting will be held on Sept the 14th 2017, starting at 6pm at the Big Cypress National Preserve Welcome Center. Please note, this is not the Oasis Visitors center, but the welcome center about 2.5 miles east of the intersection of SR 29 and US 41. 

The Florida Guides Association encourages all FGA guide members to attend and help support our affected captains. Please contact us for more infomation and again share with any who have an interest. 

Capt. Charlie Phillips


This is the time for our FKFGA members to show their support for the organization they belong to. Don't just gripe and moan about the coming CUA and Park entrance fees. BE ACTIVE in your support. If you can make it, please send an email containing your name and cell phone to:

1.Ron Brack 305-393-7448
2.Gary Ellis
3.Dale Perez